Teaching and Outreach

I am very enthusiastic about mentoring and teaching students. At ASU I am focusing on using research as a teaching platform by expanding the Versatile Student Radio Telescope (VSRT) program. The VSRT was an education program created by the Haystack Observatory with support from the NSF to build low-cost radio interferometers capable of science measurements.

A single dish VSRT on the roof of ISTB4 at ASU

I am taking the VSRT a step further by leading a team of undergraduates to develop the Completely Hackable Amateur Radio Telescope (CHART). Taking inspiration from the VSRT, we are looking for ways to bring the entry cost of owning and operating a radio telescope down to a classroom or home budget. We are doing this by leveraging the rise of low-cost instructional and amateur hardware such as the Raspberry Pi computers and Software Defined Radios (SDRs). Our goal is to bring the cost of creating a functioning radio telescope down to $100, opening the world of radio astronomy to a vast audience of high school students and home enthusiasts. All hardware and software developed for this project will be completely open-source – stay tuned for updates!

CHART will also be used as an outreach tool through demonstrations at SESE’s Open Houses, and ASU’s Night of the Open Door. If you are in the Phoenix area, stop by these events and watch for CHART in the coming year!