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2016-May-11  Local news coverage of the Phoenix cubesat.

2016-May-03  LoCo undergrad Michael Busch discusses his time at ASU and future plans for graduate school at Johns Hopkins University.

2016-May-02  Listen to undergrads Sarah Rogers and Jaime Sanchez de la Vega on ASU Connections as they discuss the Phoenix Cubesat mission that was recently selected by NASA for funding and the Sun Devil Satellite Lab.

2016-Apr-25  LoCo undergrad Marc Leatham featured in The State Press.

2015-Dec-08  Dr. Danny Jacobs talks about cosmology on ASU Connections podcast.

2015-Oct-12  LoCo undergrad Michael Busch awarded 2015 Origins Project Scholarship for research to enable observations of the first stars and galaxies. (And the official post here!)

2015-Apr-14  LoCo Lab and colleagues start new project with Phoenix-area science centers. Read about the Ask Dr. Discovery (previously Dr. Universe) mobile app! Adapted versions: Full Circle and "in the loop".

2015-Feb-23  Check out ASU's interactive timeline of research highlights from the last 20 years. LoCo Lab makes the list! (Look in 2010.)

2014-Nov-24  ASU joins the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) as a partner institution!

2014-Nov-07  LoCo research featured in Science: A glimpse of cosmic dawn.

2014-Feb-25  LoCo postdoc, Dr. Danny Jacobs, awarded NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship.

2014-Feb-05  Prof. Judd Bowman writes in Nature News & Views, Cosmology: Cool Start to Hydrogen Ionization. Here are accompanying ABC Science and Space.com articles.

2013-Aug-29  LoCo research is featured in Writing the History of the Cosmic Dark Ages.

2013-May-10  LoCo postdoc, Dr. Danny Jacobs, participates in the PAPER project featured in a recent SKA South Africa media release.

2012-Dec-19  Cosmology is cool... and so is a rover on Mars! Check out this screen saver we made to help follow the latest progress of NASA's Mars Curiosity rover.

2012-Nov-30  The MWA radio telescope has finished construction in the Outback of Western Australia! Read the press releases and follow us on Facebook.

2012-Mar-15  Prof. Judd Bowman awarded NASA early-career fellowship in astrophysics.

2011-May-15  Prof. Judd Bowman is interviewed in the ABC Landline episode Reach for the stars.

2010-Dec-10  EDGES experiment yields new constraints on the cosmic reionization epoch: Astronomer opens new window into early universe. And here is MIT's press release.

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